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BMW 330e

We carried out our Ultimate exterior new car detail with leather protection on this BMW 330e.

Brand new from the showroom it was in good shape, after going through our exterior 10 step wash and clean the paint was lightly machine polished this removed some light swirl marks while adding depth of shine to the finish.

Our Ultimate exterior new car detail includes a ceramic based paint and glass coating which boasts up to two years of protection from the elements, making washing easier so you can get that just detailed look time after time.

The Dakota leather was cleaned and a protection coating was applied, this coating is stain and UV resistant and like the exterior coating it has the added benefit of easy cleaning.

 photo 14379907_1504687109556769_9068813360938083972_o_zpsw7bteevt.jpg

 photo 14362559_1504687066223440_5007312394224761084_o_zpsdlugtwbn.jpg

 photo 14324284_1504686926223454_6053285873293717820_o_zpsfl7y4n9r.jpg

 photo 14362437_1504687319556748_2826366198353977114_o_zpszo7a6ggc.jpg