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Other Services

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Along with our valeting and detailing services we also offer other services that can be added to any package or just used on their own. From headlight restoration to odor removal we’ve got everything your vehicle needs to improve its appearance and also to aid with safer driving.

NOTE: These prices are based on an avarage sized car in fair condition, bigger and very dirty vehicles take longer so might cost extra.

Premium Wax – €25

  • Holds up month after month protecting your paintwork from the elements.
  • Choose from Collinite, Artdeshine and Swissvax.

Clay Bar – €30

  • Removes contamination and fallout
  • Wax durability is increased

Scratch Removal/Repair – €35

  • Scratches and scuffs can be removed or repaired depending upon depth and severity

Odor Removal – €40+

Headlight Restoration – €45

  • Restores light output and beam pattern.
  • Removes haze, and oxidation from headlight lenses.
  • Discoloured headlight lens are an NCT fail
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Air-Con Sanitizer – €50

  • Kills odour emitting bacteria in your air conditioning pipework.

Fabric Roof Clean, Recolour & Protect – €110