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Protection detail and brake caliper painting

This beautiful Monza silver pearl Audi A5 was booked in on Thursday for a protection detail, brake caliper painting and interior valet. A returning customer from 12 months back looking to get a spring clean detail.

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This is a small write up on the process, i hope you enjoy!

Upon inspection it was clear this car needed a thorough deep clean, 12 months of irish driving had not been kind.

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We applied a strong traffic film remover followed by snow foam, this way as much dirt is removed before we start the hand wash stage.

 photo 04-20170323_100532_zpsmxfsnlx9.jpg

Next we gentley washed the exterior.

 photo 13-PhotoGrid_1490308892370-002_zpskky0cwkq.jpg

We cleaned the hard to reach areas with a mild all purpose cleaner and detailing brush.

 photo 18-PhotoGrid_1490309433609_zpshlroyyzf.jpg

 photo 17-PhotoGrid_1490309378566-001_zpsxbaluaat.jpg

We cleaned the wheels with a PH neutral fallout remover and different sized wheel brushes.

 photo 14-PhotoGrid_1490308969355-002_zpsuql0wste.jpg

Tar was scattered around the lower half of the exterior which we removed. A bodywork solvent and microfiber cloth were used.

 photo 05-20170323_110047_zps7m80bgd4.jpg

The car had not been detailed in 12 months and the paint and glass felt rough so next we used a clay bar to remove any remaing contamination.

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With the exterior washed and cleaned we dried it with a plush drying towel.

 photo 06-20170323_113607_zps9axzvekx.jpg

The calipers were painted next. We used a vibrante red.

 photo 11-PhotoGrid_1490308777050-001_zps9ieswhok.jpg

With the wheels off the car we applied a PTFE wheel wax.

 photo 03-20170323_124303_zpsmw6q3py6.jpg

The car was brought outside for the first of two coats of high content carnauba wax.

 photo 07-20170323_150811_zpsg575shyb.jpg

The calipers really set this car off.

 photo 09-20170323_150939_zpsmzhiw0ac.jpg

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Thanks for looking!