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BMW 320I Cabriolet exterior & interior detail

We had the pleasure of working on this immaculate 2008 BMW 3 series cabriolet early this week, with only 50,000 miles on the odometer this car was in very good condition and is a true credit to the past and present owners. The new owner wanted to get the car cleaned and polished but needed something more than a quick and cheap valet, after a friend recommended he look into detailing MX Valeting was the first to pop up on a Google search for detailing kerry. The main concerns were the over mats, leather and seat belts, while all in very good condition they needed a thorough cleaning, the wheels would need addressing and some stone chips were scattered around the front leading edges (bonnet and roof) and the paint would need machine polishing as it was showing its age in areas.

 photo 01-IMG_7261_zpsjc0q11ih.jpg

 photo 02-IMG_7274_zpsonhtspwj.jpg

 photo 03-IMG_7275_zpsg283ffi6.jpg

 photo 07-IMG_7276_zpsmgezjzgh.jpg

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This is a small write up on the process, i hope you enjoy!

First off we detailed the interior. All the switches and knobs were cleaned and all dust blow out of the cracks and crevices. The leather was hiding a fair share of grime and the over mats cleaned up a treat.

 photo FB_IMG_1492945857147_zpsaw5vyvkw.jpg

The seat belts were deep cleaned and the picture below shows the difference it made.

 photo 12-PhotoGrid_1492942029304_zpsrlzrxg2q.jpg

With the interior detailed and looking like new we concentrated on the exterior, the whole car was thoroughly washed and cleaned and the small details were not missed, like the side indicator lenses that had dirt trapped around the edges, the plastic needed a polishing to remove the weathered look also.

 photo 18-PhotoGrid_1492941958706_zpsivo9pwda.jpg

The door handle lock was grubby so first we washed then cleaned it with a toothpick and a final polish using a Q tip and rubbing compound.  photo 11-PhotoGrid_1492945778863_zpslbqwrchb.jpg

Next we started machine polishing the paint, a high gloss finish was achieved which was then protected behind a durable layer of paint sealant. With the wheels sand-blasted and powder coated this car was on the road to being finished

 photo 14-PhotoGrid_1493149481377_zpslpzuwz4f.jpg

The black plastic trims on the mirror caps were very weathered and dull so we restored them to good as new.

 photo 15-PhotoGrid_1493149357659_zpswqydr68a.jpg

The stone chips were the last piece of the puzzle and after getting the correct OEM matched paint…

 photo 17-PhotoGrid_1493145438493_zps37wy7pam.jpg

We touched up about 10 to 15 chips. After the paint had dried the repairs were close to invisible from normal viewing distance.

 photo 16-PhotoGrid_1493149299245_zpsxnfehnvz.jpg

 photo 13-PhotoGrid_1493149611258_zpscswjvidz.jpg

What an honor being able to put our touch on this rare car, we wish the new owner the best of luck and many happy motoring memories.

 photo 08-20170425_184911_zpsq4jw2wzw.jpg

 photo 09-20170425_185537_zpswyviskuc.jpg

 photo 10-20170425_185523_zpsbhsanxeq.jpg

Thanks for looking!