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We carried out a Polish Angel gloss enhancement detail on this BMW X5 M sport in cork city last week.

This detail was carried out when it was less than a day old twelve months ago and bang on schedule we returned for another total overhaul returning this BMW to its as new appearance.

The polish angel gloss enhancement detail is a three step process

• The exterior is given a detailed wash and ten step surface cleanse removing all contamination from the paint, glass and wheel, think surgically clean!
• Next the paintwork is machine polished once with POLISHANGEL® ESCLATE LOTION which increases the depth of shine while removing light scratches, weather damage, road grime and further cleaning the paint in preparation for the next step.
• Finally we have to protect the finish, for the bodywork we apply POLISHANGEL® MASTER SEALANT via machine polisher and soft polishing pad. This step gives the paint a very ‘wet look’ and boasts up to twelve month durability. The wheels are sealed with POLISHANGEL® SUPERSPORT PTFE WHEEL SEALANT which is an extremely durable sealant that contains PTFE (nonstick) and is chemical and heat resistant.
 photo 13975498_1472225519469595_4921806081455118119_o_zpsgqmsmpoh.jpg

 photo 14066465_1472225429469604_9115220044034201079_o_zps27xqflrq.jpg

 photo 14066317_1472225412802939_3571380627369228078_o_zpsuuw7pox0.jpg