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Odor Removal

Sometimes an interior is too far gone for a standard interior valet to be effective this is why we have the Deep interior valet. This service deals with interior odors and excessive soiling like mold, spills, stains, dirt and grime. Here we use Hot water extraction and steam combined with dedicated cleaning agents to renew interiors. Below is an example of the deep interior valet.

This car was left idle for six months, there was a leak and mold started to grow.

First job was to remove the seats for ease of cleaning and access to the carpet. We extracted these seats with hot water and steam,

Finally we sprayed on an enzyme cleaner and left the seats covered overnight, in the morning we steamed them again.

Before and after.

Next we vacuumed the carpet.

We extracted the dirt with hot water after thorough agitation.

The carpet was very dirty.

Before and after.

Next was to steam clean everything else.

The seat belts were moldy also and needed cleaning.

Finally we cleaned the door ledges.